Sunday, 13 September 2015

Having a fun day on a Sunday!

Thanks to Mantic fulfilling their Kings of War kickstarter Will had some Chaos, sorry, Abyssal Dwarves he wanted to give a run out to so we organised a Sunday Funday and Rob and Emma joined in!
Ogres vs Dwarves round 1!

I tried to use the Buildings to bottle neck Will's fat flanking units

The Goblin road block held long enough to allow my units to deal with the Harpies

Sadly my right flank faltered as I fluffed a Nerve test to destroy one of Will's units allowing him to crush my Great-sword unit.

then Will's Golems hit my centre and all the brown hit the fan!

The large Ogre unit minced the unit of Golems, then one unit of Abyssal Guard...

...sadly that left them the meat in a a Dwarf sandwich!

I then had to sacrifice my Boomers to hold off the massive Golem and steal a victory.

Round 2 - this time I thought I'd try out a split deployment to allow me to swing my units into Will's flank

Nice I deal but really didn't work as this time I was the one whose units where encumbered by the buildings, it is funny how hard it is to manoeuvre units when you can only make one 90 degree turn. Will took this one 4-2 as I just couldn't break his units and he had dealt much better with my large Ogre unit (5 damn Wizardly dwarves can be really annoying). 
 We then threw down for some Sushi Go!, Camel Up (I do love outrageous bets that come off!) and then we broke out Night of the Grand Octopus!
The perfect combination of short play time, guess work and betrayal 
Another great day of new gaming fun and some modern classics.

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