Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Buying cars!

Just a quick image of the cars I picked up today at the Entertainer:
Yes that's right the one at the front is the Batmobile!
Other than the van at the back they were £1 - £1.50 each (Van was £3.50, but I wanted something chunkier!) and they have an even better deal that I hadn't seen until after I bought these which was random-ish packs of 5 for £6.60. All I need now are a few hours, some plastic card, lots of old 40k bits, super glue and some paint, then I shall have enough models for a full themed play test.

PS these aren't 1:64 scale, I think they are 1:50-ish so may have to change that in the rules but we'll work it out as we go!


  1. Excites!
    What brand are they? Hot Wheels?

    1. Yeah but hot wheels has lots of sub brands. The Van is a different company, German I think but each one is based on a proper car/vehicle and comes with a catalogue with all the codes for the others and includes the scales so I will get some specific vehicles from them when I need a bump truck etc.