Monday, 7 November 2016

Organising old trading cards!

Having done lots of reorganising due to Raef's arrival I found all my old trading cards from my teenage years. So I thought it was about time I organised them properly!
Not only Spidey, not only my favourite artist Mark Bagley but most of the make up a 3x3 picture!

A few years back Rob got me a metric ton of the cards needed to complete this Spider-man card collection from way back in '94. 
The left set is just for Will, he does love Venom!

It turns out I was missing just one standard card! I really like looking back at what is 'my Spider-man' not this nonsense they currently serve up!

I also had some X-men cards which were all metallic but no where near a full set. But it turns out whole sets are pretty cheap on eBay so if I ever wanted to finish them I could, but it's more nostalgia than collector fever.

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