Sunday, 27 November 2016

Further adventures in sleeving.

Just a quick post to bring a sad/happy story of my adventures in sleeving! I bought over 2000 sleeves for protecting the my card and dice treasures and this time I invested in Ultimate Guard as they have always been great to us at Essen. So I was really disappointed when four of the packs of standard sleeves were the wrong size (too big, small and unsealed!). I managed to find uses for most but ended up with two packs I just couldn't use so will get a refund from Dark Sphere, but I also sent a message to Ultimate Guard to tell them of the issue and explain that for the last four years were as a group had really valued their brand due to the service at Essen and quality of product. Well, two weeks went by and no reply which wasn't wholly unexpected but disappointing, then came a very apologetic email from Lukas at Ultimate Guard saying they were really upset that the products had been so bad and that they hadn't replied that they wanted to send me replacement sleeves and a free product. So of course I was really grateful and asked for some standard deck boxes or (being really cheeky) this:
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And they only went and sent me one! How awesome, given that they could have just sent the standard 'we're so sorry' message. The moral of the story is always tell the manufacturer as well as the store and you might just get a double benefit!


  1. Always good to hear a good customer service story! Never tried their sleeves but UG sure seem to be leading the charge in funky new deck boxes. That one looks great! I'm rather fond of my Monolith which is perfect for the base game of Race for the Galaxy

    1. They seem to combine the quality of the more expensive cards with a price point that won't cost you twice the game (unless it is Dead of Winter or Spartacus, over 400 odd cards each!)