Sunday, 13 November 2016

Channel Artwork

So just a quick post to show what I have been fiddling with to keep my digital skills from getting super rusty.
Special prize at CrimboCon for the person who makes the best word from those letters!

This is the banner design for the ELF Geek Network, what I hope will be the home for any video and audio content we may create as a group geeks. The idea is it will give each person their own branded meeple for any content they create. I may have missed some people or people may not get/like their theme... feel free to make your own and send it to me.

Anyway, step one complete!
PS Yes Will your colour is taken from House Greyjoys coat of arms!


  1. Bloody magnificent dave. How about 'rand trawl' or is that to sexual?

  2. or 'T'Warlandr' to riff of the Scandinavian detective series and adopting the Yorkshire way of saying 'the' by thriftily shortening it to 't'.

    1. I suppose 'Wartlandr' would work but that just sounds nasty!