Saturday, 26 November 2016

Creating Engines, Upgrades and names.

A quick image dump for the first batch of Engines and upgrade cards for those that may wish to start making up some cars.

Oh and the working title for the game is Cult Cars of The Apocalypse!

First up the two sets of Engines that form the basics for each car.
The basic 4-7 AZ engines, which were based on the idea of standard current cars for your heavy Range rover to your sports car.

these are more of the chop shop cars you would start to see in the wastelands of the Apocalypse, especially the Ram car with only 3 AZ but it can go from 0-18" in a straight line and Ram in the same activation!

The first set of upgrade cards. I'm definitely leaning towards making them reversed on the other side to allow the most customisation.
If people have any ideas for Engines or let me know or I can send over some blank templates for people to create their own (which will be included in the rule book).


  1. great progress Dave. Is his a one car per person game or is it a 'gang' game. if a gang game do we want motorbikes? also for vehicle types does a monster truck, garbage van, tanker or bus fit into any of these categories?

    1. My current favourite Cult build involves 7 of the 3 Spark Plug Ram cars fitted with front mounted Machine Guns and a couple of bits of armour sprinkled around.

  2. You have 30 AZ to use across your Cult so if you want one truly massive vehicle like a Tank etc then I am planning on making a double Tarot card expansion to allow for 'Cult Leaders/Boss Level' craziness. But you can easily just make a tanker by taking the 1 Spark plug Engine and slapping one canon, One Reinforced Ram and two armour upgrades. Bikes are doable and could be done using MTG size cards with one upgrade slot. My dream is to create a Brand/Company called Miniatures Without Boarders and eventually find a way to put this out (and other games) where you use anyone's miniatures but one step at a time I think.