Monday, 7 November 2016


Mainly an image dump but another three quests down for Trenloe and Master Thorn (mainly Trenloe due to Thorn being useless!).
Yep that's right, I got knocked over in the first round...
We got through two Quests and a Side quest. oddly we struggle more with the side quests as they are shorter so the Peril gets us more than the monsters. Though this encourages us to speed up on the quests, which often results in forgetful Thorn stumbling across the boss on his own and then Trenloe having to rush to crush them!
Tooled up Trenloe!
Thorn the toothless!
It;'s abad day when you wake up in your hotel room and find a Fleshmoulder trying to stab you!

Yeah, things got worse and we were stuck here for quite a while.
Very nearly won but the Demon Gladiator cornered Trenloe and the App punished us for not being adjacent...
Final Quest saw Trenloe hauling rocks and killing monsters and Thorn even killed one!
I love this game so much more now I can play a hero with the app! In fact I'm hoping to start a four player campaign to play along side or even just give the one off scenario FFG just released a go to try out other heroes!

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