Monday, 7 October 2013

Learning Dreadball!

Having played a few games of Dreadball at the week end I finally found the time to crank out a few counters for the game. Just wanted some quick feed back. The all white or the transparent? Which is most interesting?

This set tries to match the colours from the card tokens

This set is more like the set that mantic make
Also I managed to clean and undercoat my human team:

Canc't decide if I want to go with metalic or experiment with some colour combos I haven't tried before (have lots of purple paints I've never used).


  1. i do quite like the white ones, but agree the colour ones look most unlike those in the box set.
    And if youre taking a short straw poll on team colours, hows about claret and blue?

  2. That's not a bad idea, though I'm now thinking of the Quins colours! Will play around with it tonight and hopefully post up the results.
    Did you want to invite Rich to join the blog?

    1. yeah, thats not a bad shout, ill dig out his email addy and send it to you.