Thursday, 7 November 2013

Uh Oh

AVP Kickstarter

Those minis look pretty good, and theyve said there will be clear plastic variant models for the predators.


  1. mmk, so its not quite as tempting as the teasers suggested, though it does seem as though if youre going to get it, ordering on KS is the best way.
    Its basically space hulk with AvP minis, and theres also a rulebook for a regular miniatures wargame for those people who invest and pick up more figures.
    From what theyve said though, the minis in the box set for those ordering through the kickstarter will be multi-part detailed plastic ones, whereas final retail will be single piece casts.


    im gonna keep an eye on it, but at £75 for the basic set i think id have to see more things to tempt me into it.
    I also agree with a lot of the comments, it seems a bit odd that all the stretch goal values are secret and once unlocked yuo still have to pay for them as add-ons.

  2. Had a look today and found myself rather confused as to what it was I was supposed to be buying. Looks like the best deal is to go for the big one and chuck everyones order in together if you are in a gaming group.

    1. i agree its not immediately obvious, though they have polished the page up a bit over the first few days. I think the £75 for just the boxed game and any freebies or the £125 for the boxed game, freebies and a choice of £60 worth of add-ons bundled in seem like the 2 most tempting options.
      But I've had a long think about it and i'll probably pass i think. I dont see it being a genuine new option for a miniatures wargame and although AvP space hulk sounds cool, £75 is just too much to find 1 day away from payday a few weeks before christmas. I cant work out if thats good timing (ive KSed AvP for you for xmas!) or really really bad timing on their part.

  3. You seen the kick starter for Hero quest? Looks fab