Sunday, 22 March 2015


This weekend I have received my rewards from a previous kickstarter and backed a new one.
First up I decided to back the Mantic games Deadzone kickstarter as they are updating their rules and I've been on and off about getting a starter set for a while so it seemed a good opportunity.  Then I heard from Will that our gaming tables from 4thWar had turned up Friday.
I had ordered two mats (one earth and one space) along with a set of road sections and a table (mage from cardboard!). I was so excited to get it out and see how it looked that I set up a table:
I think you'll agree that the roads really make the table look much more like a sic-fi/modern battlefield
Unfortunately there was a serious problem with the sizes of the mats and tables. The tables and mats are both significantly smaller than the 6'x4' size that was advertised. See the images below:
Not quite a 4' table

My earth mat is over 2" short of 6'...

...and 1" short of 4'

The space mat is 1.5" short of 6'...

...and 1.5" short of 4'. 
So I'm rather disappointed with the kickstarter rewards from 4thWar. The quality is pretty good and I know the idea behind Kickstarter is that companies get an opportunity to get going and that it is a risk  but you couldn't sell these in a store as products that were 6'x4' as trading standards would surely have something to say about products being falsely advertised. That being said I'll enjoy my new products and just have to live with the fact they aren't quite the right size.


  1. Thats a real shame, they do like nice (and i definitely agree on roads, looks sweet)

    if it was a couple of MM it could be forgiveable, but inches? :(

    1. As time goes on I'm becoming more sanguine about it as you don't normally use the whole board and it does look crazy cool (and the soft landing for falling models is cool). Looking forward to being able to play two games of 40k or four games of x-wing at the same time (I'm hoping to get a deadzone weekend organised for the summer too). Also the board is fully portable in a car so could bring it over to play next time.