Sunday, 12 April 2015

Updating Blood Angels.

Having had a few oppertunities to play with the current Blood Angel codex I realised that I needed to change the special weapons in my Assault sqd from flamers to meltaguns as if they come up against things like Terminators, Meganobs or Soulgrinders they really need more options than being extra wounds for my Captain. 

Other than the lack of Blood Drop shoulder pads the three Bllod Angel kits give you a ton of options to put together really interesting models. Not having all your pistol and sword arms in the same direction is nice, though it did remind me that I hate cleaning up mould libes on chainswords! These guys are to join the new Serg I've already started painting so there is only nine. One down side to these kits is that there is so much extra detail it really adds to the painting time.

Just as a final comment I wanted to comment on painting motivation. As stated I have some models half way through painting but I have struggled to sit down and keep going over the Easter as I felt I had done such a bad job it kept putting me off (scruufy highlights and fat strokes). It has taken along time for me to just sit down and fix it (they now looka lot better with the highlights and shading smoothed out). It is funny how some times I need to step away from a project to get a perspective on how to make it look the way it does in my head.


  1. that guy on the right aint nuthin to fuk wit. what is he carrying!?

    1. Just a chainsword but the sculpting tool in the background makes it look more impressive. The new position of the chainswords on the BA sprues makes assault marines a lot more dynamic but also a problem to store. More custom foam for me!