Sunday, 18 September 2016

Playing with bad dice!

It was about time we broke out KoW and try out Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, but with the great job FFG did with the Descent app could lightning really strike twice?
It has been quite a while since I played KoW so it took me a while to knock up another army list and it was really great to play with the units I finished painting during the summer.

We played a Loot game where it was all about hold the three objectives (which you could run away with).
Turn 1 - Will's dice are hot my dice hate me!
 Doesn't look too bad..
...oh yeah there is a unit of filth behind me!
Slowly getting whittled down
Turn 5 - I did take out most of Will's Elementals, sadly I had two models left...
Turn 6 - I ended with one model holding an objective, Will had, well,  lots more holding two objective
Next up was Mansions 2nd edition. First major change was the set up took about 10 mins (most of which was me finding the iPad!), 1st edition was about 30! With only 2 investigators I was expecting a swift punch to the groin but the game unfolds in such a way that you just don't know how big the map is or how far you have got, which really build the suspense!

These are the range of conditions that I was suffering from at the height of my insanity during game one, luckily I took a sedative, skipped a turn and got to discard 3 conditions  (oddly the one I kept came back to scare me...

...when I was plunged into darkness in the conservatory, suffering from nyctophobia and was about to suffer lose my last point of sanity!

We are desperately trying to cast a counter ritual whilst the Star Creature demolishes the mansion to get to us!

Game two gets takes us to Insmouth and a dingy hotel at the docks
After this we explore the streets, get chased down by an angry mob over and over again and eventually watch the entire town burn down (in game!) as we both go bat shit crazy at the same time and lose the game big time!
Truly great game, hits all the right notes for a game about investigating mysteries and hunting monsters.


  1. Liking the new mat!
    That new version of MoM looks ACE.

    1. I second these motions :D I'm liking the look of FFG's new app-driven stuff, would like to try both this and Descent

    2. Well then consider yourself booked for a Descent day later in the Autumn as I am hankering for some dungeon delving! Mansions is so slick it feels like a different game.

    3. Glad you like the mat. it is pretty sweet. I got the oxide desert for dark age from the same people.

      MoM supports 5 players so could bring it on Saturday.