Monday, 31 October 2016

Playing games on Halloween!

Taking advantage of days off Rob and I had a day of new(ish) games.

First up was Rob's new game from Essen Kana Gawa. Set collection and painting? Loads of fun! Amanda got in on the action too (beat my score on her first game!)
Yet another use for my gaming aids!
Followed by a game of Dragon and Flagon. Definitely works best with 5+ players but great at two for a learning game. Rob's late table ram into my two characters gave him the edge after I started strong by mining one of his characters for VPs
They could have used tokens for the tables and objects but it just wouldn't have had that real bar room brawl feel!
Robo Rally light with beer and fists!
 Next up a game or two or three of King of New! Plays okay at 2 but you really struggle to damage the player in Manhattan and stop them running away with it once they have the Superstar card.
I just love the buildings and army units added to this version, so many more options than KOTokyo
 Finishing the day teaching Rob Dark Deeds. Works well at 2 player when you play at pace but Rob's luck packed up it's bags and moved to another country leaving only hate filled dice! One game I managed to score over 100 points with my outrageous rolls!
Yes I had 26 suspicion marks half a deck of scored cards and was arrested, wasn't even the end of the game
Another great day of games with the big bro! Looking forward to getting out some Descent this weekend as I now have ever expansion, including all lieutenants! So many games...

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