Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Making my own Destiny!

So with my return to full time work I have had an opportunity to design and manufacture some more player aids but this time for Star Wars Destiny! 

I have designed three products: Single card dock, double character dock, dice holder for your activated dice.
This is intended for any card with a die, though I may make a longer version which can hold up to five dice to allow for the max number of upgrades and character dice. The idea is that you can just turn the dock when you activate the character and place the dice back in the sots as they will now be presented to you opponent.
A three character dock would have been a bit too long and fitting five dice would also have been awkward but I will work on these issues for future versions
This is actually my favourite as it is simple and easy to carry. Each player could have 1/2 depending on the number of dice they could potentially roll. I have played with the idea started designing other versions of these for 6/8/10 dice and ones for 16mm dice and ones which allow you to stand up cards behind them for use in other games.
Not bad for a first attempt, I forgot to measure the sleeves so these ones only work with unsleeved cards, I have already adjusted for this in the next batch (yes I have suitably punished myself!), but the dice trays are perfect so it shows that if I follow my own advice and make the card models first things work out fine! I can get 11 strips four single card docks and two double card dock out of one sheet with a few spaces left over which I am working on making something from.


  1. awesome! i really like the look of the 2nd one, personally. theyre all useful though

    1. My only concern with the second one was it could get annoying not being able to just tap your card without having to pick it up each time. If only I knew some one with play mat printing facilities I could just design some of those instead!