Thursday, 30 March 2017

Fixing dumb ass mistakes!

It was established at the weekend that I am a bit of a dumb ass, as I threw away part of my Xenoshft game with the unneeded card board parts that I had upgraded in my Kickstarter. Thus I had to create a score tracker for the the health of the base. So here it is:

Hard to see but I created some transparent counters with the ELF logo oso that you can see the number underneath.
It is designed to take the counters from Xenoshyft but I then realised that I had lots of spare coloured acrylic laying around and cut out some red and blue ELF counters, which are transparent. 
Much easier to see across the board, sadly the material is 1mm taller so my aesthetic OCD twitches when I look at it
Not the greatest resolution on the engraving but it makes the counters feel a little more interesting.
 It wasn't until I was finished that I realised that this could actually be a useful as a general gaming tool so I might look at ways to resign this to store the counters in the tracker to avoid losing them (or create a slider but that is a way off).

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