Sunday, 30 September 2012

Reading Horus Heresy stories!

Book review: Prince of Crows (Short Story)
128 page Short story by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, published in Shadows of Treachery

Continuing his series of short stories that chronicle the Night Lords exploits during the Horus Heresy Dembsi-Bowden focuses on the Night Lords First Captain Jago Sevatarion. Before I go on to give my review of this work it is worth noting that the Heresy series has reached twenty two books and I have begun to feel that some of the stories have begun to feel stretched and rather repetitive in concept (Good guys get ambushed by ignorance of the warp). This short story is the latest in a line of short stories that have shed light on the confrontation between the Night Lords and the Dark Angels during the Heresy and whilst his previous story involving Lion el Johnson didn't at first appear to be a necessary tale to tell when viewed in the context of this story you begin to appreciate the long game that is being played out.

Plot: Well paced and hits all the notes you would want from a great episode of your favourite tv show. It pushes along old threads introduces new ones and asks the reader to connect the events of previous stories and events that you know will occur in books set in the 41st Millemnium. 

Characters: I've always felt that a story set in the Heresy that doesn't contain a Primarch is somehow cheating me (Nemesis springs to mind) . So to have an opportunity to learn more about the Night Haunter was very welcome indeed. He comes across as a far more likeable character than many of the other traitor Primarchs as his motivations are laid bare. I found the First Captain himself extremely likeable as he struggles to empathise with others. 

I feel this story shows the way the Heresy should have been handled. It cuts out all the flab that a lot of the latest novels have displayed and due to the fact Black Library are publishing regular anthologies this set of stories is moving along at a satisfying pace. 

Rating: 5/5 


  1. I still haven't finished mechanicum :(

    It got to the stage that I was so far behind I just gave up.

    I may look at picking up just the really good ones, if people have any recommendations?

    Are there any good emperors children books since mechanicum?

  2. I have a short story from the Primarchs anthology which you will enjoy as it covers whether Fulgrim is in control or not.