Saturday, 6 October 2012

Playing Will's first game of 6th Edition

Upon the world of G'lesent Four the Adetus Biologicus have developed a new weapon against the Tyranid threat. Unfortunately their experiments with the Zoanthrope gene code has refused to stay captive and has drawn it's masters to the world. Can the Imperial army hold back the Xenos horde or will Hive Fleet Formorian reclaim what was lost?

Wills's first game of 6th, can his uncanny luck with his Tyranids continue or will his first game herald a new dawn for the rest of E.L.F's 40k players?

So this was Will's first game of Warhammer 40,000 in 6th Edition. the missions was a straight up objectives (Crusade I think) and we had the Hammer and Anvil setup so it was a long walk across the board for the 'Nids (though not really as all missions have a 24" distance between deployment zones).  
The army deployments - Will has gone for the straight line 'Take it Bitch' deployment so he hits my line all at once I have gone for the 'please don't touch me' deployment meaning I didn't really know how to respond!

The first turn was very much to Will's advantage (what with me taking eight wounds in my own first turn after seizing the initiative! Damn you sabotage objectives and Perils of the warp!). With his green horde advancing my army had to hope for some real luck taking out his Monsterous Creatures.

Now you see a Tervigon...

Now you don't!

Yes, that's right, I managed to take out the Tervigon on one turn. Unfortunately this was the apex of my luck and despite Will's best efforts (how many people do you know that can avoid rolling any sixes on 45 armour penetration/rending rolls!) things began to go down hill from there. We both agreed I had the game in my grasp but it just never seemed to come together for me. Some might say that fighting against a T9 Hive Tyrant was a challenge (those new Psychic powers have their uses!) but the fact that the same Tyrant missed every single shot rather balanced this point! 

It doesn't look like alot of Xenos but even one is too many...

The game then came down to a combination of 'Can Dave kill the Synapse Creatures?' and 'Can Will pass LD 6 tests?'. As it turns out Will is far better at passing LD 6 tests than Dave is at picking the right target for his shooting! 

The process of begin absorbed by the Hive Mind!

Will systematically killed off my major scoring units and whilst I eventually managed to kill off all the Synapse in his army I just couldn't take out all the remnants, meaning that by the time the game ended on turn 6, Will took it 8-3. I really thought I had him but when the chimera containing the Primaris Psyker and the Ogryns was Shaken I lost a needed turn of shooting, I was worried. Then they were run down by a Dakka-Fex (for shame!) and I was pretty sure I was done for! Great game and as is usual we  created a great story!

High points: Killing Monstrous Creatures is my favourite thing in 40k as they scare the B'Jesus out of me! Also i had forgotten how much Ilike playing with my Guard army I had been wanting to make the army for so long every time I play with them I feel like I've won even if I get trounced.

Low points: Watching Will roll so below average for two turns it made me think I had sold the souls of my first two children! It;s one thing to out manoeuvre you it is another to just abuse their bad luck!.

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