Monday, 8 October 2012

Doing a 6 man home sealed of RETURN TO RAVNICA

So, despite some last minute issues with product (that involved a 90 odd minute round trip to Rayleigh to purchase another box) we managed to go ahead with our home release event Friday.

Taking part we had:
Me, Anthony, Will, Nic, Jake and Roy.

We took 6 packs each and got crack-a-lackin!

I kinda wish id taken some photos,

in fact, getting people to photo their pools wouldve made for quite an interesting blog post, as it is all this will be is a brief look at my pool and a mini tournie report.

I cracked the lot, and despite not opening any mythics (not that many of us seemed to, a bit sus!) i did open two shocklands.
I separated the colours and gold cards out and realised i had quite a tough decision to make, i had some decent cards in GW, and some decent cards in RB, but none in really any of the other guilds.
My initial build was a GWu deck, mainly using the strong selesnya cards with an azorious charm and 2 4 mana blue flyers. The deck seemed decent but in looking through the rest of my pool, the RB cards just seemed to have so much removal and a pack rat i decided to see if i could build something using that intead.
I discovered i could actually build a complete second deck using RBu splashing for a couple of counterspells and an izzet keyrune. I stuck with this mainly rakdos deck and got paired against ant for the first round.

I went first, Ant won the roll but chose to draw. Despite a quite aggressive start ant managed to gum the board up and make it quite a cagey race, thankfully a lobber crew did a fair amount of damage and i managed to sneak it.
Game 2 went much quicker as ant mulled into a fairly naff hand that he had to keep. (i think, this ones a bit fuzzy)
2-0 win to me.

Round 2 I play Jake, i win the roll and lead off with a turn 1 rakdos cackler unleashing it for 2/2.
turn 2 i play and equip a civic saber to it, and bash for 4.
turn 3 i play pursuit of flight on it, making it a 6/4, and bash for 6, jake makes his first play of a keyrune
turn 4 i bash for another six, jake attempts to cast the 3/3 lifelink haster but i have the counter and win.
wow. all in on 1 guy FTW.
Turned out jake had an annihilating fire but being second meant he couldnt take out the cackler as it had 4 toughness by the time he could play it. Unlucky.
game 2 went much longer and showed we had quite a lot of the same cards, but Jake had noticeably more removal than i did, but i managed to squeek it with a keyrune basically.
2-0 win and onto the final round!

Round 3 i play the only other undefeated player, Will.
Will wins the roll and chooses to go second, i hit a turn 2 goblin electromancer which receives a pursuit of flight turn 3 and attacks for 4, i make a 5/4 trampler for 4 (go unleash!) and start going to work, will has to start making unprofitable trades, throwing 2 guys in front of my trampler to take it out, but ive got a 2nd and quickly take the game.
as in round 2, game 2 goes a lot longer, with lots of guys dropping on either side, but thankfully, 2 of mine are lobber crews. Great on defense and slowly chipping away at wills life total, they eventually take the game for me, probably doing about 16 points of damage between them. All stars!
I'd defintely look at taking those guys quite high in draft.

The format definitely seems more complicated than the original ravnica set was, and thinking about it, that makes sense considering theres 5 guilds in this set compared to the 4 that were in the original ravnica set.
My initial impressions are it would be very rare that you'll play straight 2 colour, usually you'd want to try and get 2 overlapping guilds. uRb, wGu, rBg etc.
Im very looking forward to drafting this set as it seems like quite a challenge.

Any of the other attendees want to add anything?

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