Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Painting using new brushes from Rosemary & Co.

Charlie gave me the nod that a new manufacturer of brushes was being touted by some accomplished painters on the internet, so I thought I'd give them a try! But are they actually any better than the old staple the GW standard brush?

It has taken me a long time to get off my sofa and get back into painting since the summer but I have finally reached the point that I can now paint the fine detail on my new Blood Angel bikers so I thought I'd break out my new brushes! 

Sold by Rosemary & Co these brushes range from £4.85 for a size 0 (the one in the image and the smallest they do in the range) up to £315 for a size 20 (not a brush we would ever use as it is massive!). The range is called Series 22. Pure Kolinsky Designer and the head of the brushes are very long and thin allowing a very good point. The hairs are extremely smooth, taking the paint very well (then again I do like to thin my paint down a lot). I can't see how I would need anything bigger than the size 0 or 1, as I have taken to buying cheaper synthetic brushes from Reeves for my paint transfer and mixing and using GW brushes for base coats and washes where a fine point is not needed (though I did end up buying sizes 2, 4, & 6 as I had no idea how big the brushes were!). 

I think if you treat them right, wash them out, don't over load them and give them some soap to help remove paint pigment then I think they could last quite a while. Maybe it's a problem with the way I paint but I seem to ruin the point on GW brush far too quickly so it will be interesting to see if these brushes last longer. 

As an aside the company deliver really quickly and the P&P isn't over the top, so if you are tempted to order any brushes you'll be painting within a few days. 

Overall I'm impressed with the brushes for the price as GW brushes are £3.50 for a standard brush and I feel for the slight increase in cost you get a far superior brush for use with fine detail work and painting using more of a layered wash technique.

I've also been making a new model for Blood Angels Commander to re-equip him with a Thunder Hammer and Lightning Claw (take that 2+ saves!).

My referance material for my sculpted should pad.

For the first time ever I'm going to try to mount my model on stands to paint separately before constructing later so to avoid having to get my greasy fingers all over the model. 

I have finally taken the leap to using a spray stick with double sided tape. It really does make spraying so much easier!

This does break my rule of mot having two painting projects on the go at once but as the bikes are so close to being finished I felt I could get away with spraying it up and then use it as a motivator to get the bikes done!

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