Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MTGO Sealed Practising Part 2

So I ended up submitting URW (as the eagle eyed readers might have spotted from my basic land count on the right of the pic in the previous post).
It seemed to have a decent mix of stuff early for stalling (white 2 drops, lobber crews) and meat at the top end (skywatch, chaos imps, archon, sphinx)
However it certainly didnt have a core of one guild with a splash of a third linked guild as i usually prefer. it was pure 3 colour, with little fixing, thus the mana was pretty shocking.

Round 1 i got trounced in double quick time faffing about trying to stick bombs that were just getting dealt with as soon as i dropped them, all the while im being hit by average dudes.

Round 2 went much the same.

Round 3 i won (VERY narrowly) against a pretty poor RB aggro deck that sided into a really grindey GWb deck for games 2 and 3 (managed to snatch what surely should have been a certain defeat with a teleportal & all in for exactly lethal the turn before i was going to eat about 20 damage from centaur tokens)

Then round 4 i got utterly done by about 30 quids worth of rares armada wurm and vraska? must be nice!

Looking back now i think BRu was perhaps the correct build. its got a fair few 2 & 3 drops and teleportal really is a massive bomb when you can stick a couple of cheaper guys.
Maybe something like:

rakdos cackler
2 daggerdrone imp
gore-house chainwalker
tavern swindler
nivix guildmage
rix maadi guildmage
sewer shambler
2 lobber crew
viashino racketeer
dark revenant
slum reaper
golgari longlegs
chaos imps
deviant glee
goblin rally
2 explosive impact
izzet charm
and 22 lands.

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