Friday, 26 September 2014

Pondering: D Weapons

Hola Gentlemens!

Just a quick discussion generator, have the 7th ed changes to D weapons made them 'acceptable'...

Yes? No? Maybe?

I'm currently on the fence having not really faced them yet. I think the 6th ed/escalation rules were a flat out no. But i think i'd be willing to give them a shot now at least.


  1. My issue has never really been with the D weapon rule itself but the number of models that are affected by the weapons (no. of shots/size of the blast). When you have a weapon with 7-15" blasts you are going to just sweep units off the board. This sin't a problem n games of Epic where you can play in two hours and stomp a Titan through an army but now that we have to take 3-4 hrs to play a game (or am I just playing really slowly lately?) you spend ages setting up and laying out tokens/powers just for a lucky roll of a 6 to wipe out a whole unit and it's meant to be fun? My solution would have to changed Instant death into multiple wounds, so that every time you double the Toughness you lose an extra wound and if a weapon has the rule it has a fixed number of wounds it does, therefore some weapons could be given the rule Instant Death (3) meaning that it would outright kill anything other than a MC with one hit and MC's with two. This would take away the randomness and allow a lot more opportunities to design interesting weapons.

  2. must admit, i wrote this without realising that a 6 on the d-weapon chart was take the model off with no saves at all. not nice when it happens to your, as yet, unwounded primarch :(