Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday gaming

Saturday games pretty much an image dump.

First up Camel Up

How do you make a bet when they stack like this?
Game one Dave's winning stash
Game two Dave's stash
Game three Rob's winning stash
Rob had never played Ticket torrid so we cracked that out next
Half way through and we haven't started screwing each other over yet
The final map, Dave pips it by just over ten but we all have the longest route!
Sadly this is where the images ran out  for a bit (I got too excited!) we cracked out Rivet Wars for a few games (which is brilliant and quick) Smash up (still suffers from bogging down as everyone tries to learn how their deck works) and finally:

Black Fleet, Nic hadn't played it yet and throughly enjoyed it, Rob took it with some well timed skulduggery !
Finished the night with some Cosmic Cows which 

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  1. camel up looks top fun! hope that gets cracked out again next time :)