Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Playing games!

I thought I'd take advantage of the school half term to get some more games in so here is a quick run down of the last two days.

First up was the penultimate game of the current Descent campaign, the Quest was the Wyrm Turns, one I have played before but knew I would probably struggle as the heroes are now really well equipped and trained up so I was hoping to win the first Encounter to give me the use of a Lieutenant in the second.
A small map which requires the players to split up but I can't activate the Demons until the heroes activate a rune.

It wasn't looking great but I had a chance when I managed to save my Dark Charm for  moving the hero off the rune to allow myself to put more monsters onto the table. Sadly Alan managed to pulled out three outrageous rolls and I lost by a whisker.
Next game I needed to get a Dragon skull off the board, this might look like a long way to run...

...but the rules for large monsters is odd, add in a dash card and you can get all the way to  within two races of victory before you lose all your monsters!
After this a few games of Imperial Assault (sadly I failed the mission to get my lightsaber), followed by Camel Up ( I won the first but ended with a -1 in the second!) and then tried Suburbia which is a lot of fun (think sim city board game). Next day Rob and I gave my new Blood Angel army list a run out. I decided to test out replacing the Secondary missions with three random tactical objectives that would work at the end of the game. I drew score D3 for killing the Warlord, score D3 for having the most Objectives and D3 if I hold 2 objectives and twice as many as Rob. Rob drew score 1 for having a Unit within 12" or 3 if you have 3, hold the most objectives and D3 if he held 2 objectives and twice as many as me.  
The Scouring mission with Dawn of War deployment and I went for a refused flank. Rob set up in a central position.
First outing for my new Captain.

I swung as far right as I could in the first turn, gambling that I could use my Drop pod tactical sqd with 2 hand flamers, flamer and heavy flamer  and the Vindicator to cripple the trucks and hold Rob's army over in his side of the board. I worked pretty well but Rob made 3/4 cover saves for the Demolisher cannon meaning that he had one mobile Trukk.
The 'go big or go home' move of using the Weirboyz Da Jump power to transport the Lootaz behind my units resulted thin them  misshaping into the corner.

Having finished off a unit of Trukk boys the Captain eyes up the Tank bustas as his next victims
Having cleaned out the building of the two units of artillery the Captain finished the game  enjoying the view
Sadly Rob's combination of terrible rolling for his artillery shooting, weird by powers and a missed opportunity to charge into my Captains assault unit in the first turn left me with enough manoeuvrability to select targets and take them out. The final tally was 20-3 points to me (a very flattering score) but it was nice to get the Blood Angels out for the first time in three years.

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