Sunday, 21 June 2015

Playing new things.

Having read the Alpha rules for Warpath 2 I thought it would be fun to have a little play through with some 40k models. So how did it hold up?
The army lists supplied in the alpha rules don't have points costs so the idea is to choose armies that feel right. Unfortunately the Plague, Chaos Daemons in this game, are mainly combat orientated so I gave Will the tank (big mistake!). I took the Blood Angels as Enforcers to see how well they represent Space Marines.
We didn't play on a full 6'x4' as it was a learning game but the set up was the usual pitched battle.
Shooting is meant to the focus of the game so I thought I'd have an advantage, turns out once you hit combat things get brutal!
 Things I liked:
- Suppression is worked out really well, where smaller units are easier to pin down and large ones are almost impossible to suppress due to their size. 
- There are very few stats keeping the rolling really simple, Acc to hit with shooting then roll against their Def adding in your weapons AP to each die roll allowing Vehicles and Monsters to use the same rules but be invulnerable to light arms fire but still be suppressed by weight of fire.
- The units are broken into teams of 5 models for infantry, 2 for Large infantry, 1 for Vehicles and Massive infantry. You can multiple teams in a unit but when you suffer enough damage each turn you remove teams rather than models meaning it speeds up the game. You don't have to worry about which model has which gun, you simply look at the number of dice for the team.
_ Charge reactions work extremely well as you can only use them if you haven't activated, meaning that units don't get to act multiple times over a turn and stops a player using his first unit to charge and lock down a unit without you feeling as though you had an option.

Things that made me go hmm:
- The use of teams in units is hard to get your head around as it feels as though you could just replace five models with one which is a shame but I think over all it is more of a benefit than a hinderance.
- Combat is crazy brutal as you don't roll to hit, just to damage so it is easy to have a large unit wipe out a smaller one. You really need to take out parts of a unit of Zombies before they hit your line!

Over all I'm looking forward to see where this goes and the fact I already have armies I can use means that it should be easy to add in extra parts from Mantic or create a Forgefather army using the models from my Deadzone miniatures.

Then Alan introduced me to the Tiny Leaders version of Magic. It uses the same deck building rules as Commander (only one of each card and a Leader legendary creature which dictates the colour of your deck) but no card may have a converted mana cost higher than 3. It is a really good version of Magic and has me wanting to play more!

After that we played some Qwirkle, jump here for a good example of how it works.
It is a very fun game which has just enough random and strategy to allow you to get the elusive Qwirkle to score 12 points!
I really struggled keeping track of the range of shapes when trying to create the a Qwirkle, though I eventually got 2. Sadly Natasha smashed both Alan and I 160 to 137 each (though at least I didn't come last) 
Then I played some geek out, again jump here to see an example. It was fun despite only having two players as you really struggle to remember things once the pressure is on! Neither of us covered ourselves in glory but it would be great to play in a larger group.

Lastly I finally finished my first wave of Blood Angels to up date my army, such as shame the Codex is now terrible in comparison to the just released Space Marine one.

This isn't finished yet as I need to dirty it up a lot more but am really hesitant to try anything incase I cock it up. Any advice?


  1. the BA are looking lush, i agree the drop pod needs to be dirtier though. maybe some black airbush work and weathering powda?

    someone else was telling my about tiny leaders recently, i like the sound of it as its basically commander with less ridiculous rubbish (and hopefully doesnt take as long that way)

  2. As always I enjoyed playing games with you Dave but for some reason I really didn't like Warpath.
    It really seemed like a large scale Deadzone but without the elegance. Granted Deadzone can be to complex but I like the layers and Warpath lacked that.
    I found it odd that I wasn't rolling dice to save models. Alan said that it was because I didn't like War of the Ring but I LOVED War of the Ring.
    Maybe we need another go at Warpath but first I want to play some Age of Sigmar ;)