Friday, 26 June 2015

Prepping and apologising.

First up a confession. I should have been sorting out my gang for tomorrows Necromunda day and I have so utterly not bothered that I should loose significant nerd points! the fact is I juts couldn't face trying to get them painted up by snatching a few hours here and there as I've always found I need loads of models to do Necromuda properly as you need to model the different equipment for the models you will need as your gang progresses nit just your starting gang. So what have I done?

The short answer is that I have come up with a way to use my guard models as a rogue group of ex guardsman that have decided to carve a slice of the Underhive!
Here are the Gomarian 157th 'Spectres' - left to right - Paulo (Juve), Snachez (Juve),  CanCan (Ganger), 5by5 (Ganger), Snook (Ganger), Sausages (Ganger), Winston (Leader), Harry (Heavy), Jack (Heavy) 
I really liked the idea of the Creed model running my Gang as he has that look about him. Plus the Juves being old dudes who the gang found in the Underhive made me chuckle. Hopefully having a fully painted gang will make up for the fact they aren't really Necromuda models. I decided that it would be best to use Van Saar as I have mostly shooty models in my Guard army. Let's see how they get on tomorrow!

I have also been experimenting with movement trays for Wrapath 2. See the results below:
These are the two tight formations, the left sets the hub 1" from the other models. the right 1/2".

this one is the max 2" from the hub.

This one is the maximum unit spread at 2".
I don't mind the tighter formations but the wide ones have a little too much base for my liking, even if I could put some cool dioramas on them.

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