Thursday, 12 November 2015

Learning about co-op X-wing.

Just a quick post to let people know about a co-op rules set for x-wing which I think may fix the game for me as I have found the straight up kill each other missions of x-wing a little too MtG with all the upgrade cards. Here is the link docking bay 416. There are a few bits to print and cut out but if people are interested I am happy to organise it all.


  1. this looks like good fun, i'd definitely be up for giving it a try.

    I totally understand your problem with x-wing, but i do rather like it for precisely that same reason, while at the same time i think thats why im also going to pick up armada after all as it scratches a completely different itch.

    I wonder if adding objectives to the small scale visceral dogfight skirmishes might diminish the appeal of x-wing a bit, but one thing i think x-wing could definitely take for armada is a fixed end point. (not necessarily six turns, maybe 10/12 or a time limit) we've all had those games where both sides have lost a few ships and the last remaining ships enter into the cagey dance of not wanting to overextend which can really make it drag.

  2. My real issue was more that in a mission scenario it may not matter how amazing your upgrades and ship choices are as I can focus on my objective where as if you know that you have to kill your opponent to win you can have those games where you are beat before you play (much like 40k has become where you just can't touch some things in your opponents army with 80% of your troops). I do think having an end point would help but I think not having to have hidden movement in a co-op game may help my truly awful flight skills!