Saturday, 14 November 2015

Playing more Battlelore!

Will had recently become the owner of the two new Undead armies for Battlelore so it seemed like a good opportunity to dust off my copy and see how well the Daqan army coped with the Undead hordes. 

The Undead army has quite a few new features but how well FFG would manage to capture the slow creeping death feeling of the army yet keep it manoeuvrable enough for a game where you have to cope with the randomness of the command deck to move your models was going to be my main concern.
Game 1 turn 1 - I tried out all the new units from my Daqan army expansion and Will started with one  of the two Undead armies
Gane 1 turn 2 - I was hoping to use the buildings in the centre to generate VPs if I could kill Will's its next to them thanks to my mission, Will had to hold one of the many hills which I thought would play into the hand of my siege golem's ballista.
Gane 1 turn3 - I begin to be introduced to Will's unit of the day, the bone horrors. Are never weak and ignore all retreat effects its began to dawn on me that they would need a bit more than a few arrows to shift them off of the objectives.
Banshee vs Seige Golem who is your money on?
game 1 turn ah who cares - Will takes this one 17ish to 9 as I could get him off the hills and he finally claimed the central objectives for a few turns to motor over the 16 VP target.
Game 2 Turn 1 - I had to have more units in the centre to score a VP each turn and Will gained VPs using the banners only but one was his special one on my left which allows him to gain extra lore and cards 
Game 2 turn 2 - I do love my Roc Warrior he is so quick. I was introduced to Will's Wraiths which unless attacked by a cater (Battlemage in my Army) then you lose a die meaning my archers would be down to one die! Luckily the Wraiths are pretty poor at attacking 
Game 2 turn 3 - by this point Will and I were both missing parts of our rules (but we wouldn't realise until later) though  the lack of shooting in Will's army was making it hard to engage in some places
Game 2 turn 4 - Will was starting to really suffer as his command cards were leaving him with hard choices as sometimes you have to use a card with more activation than you can carry out in a section to save the more versatile ones for later but you also want efficient use of cards
Game 2 turn 5 - at this point Will realised that the end was inevitable as (due to a misinterpretation of the pursue rule my  halberd knights cleaned up his two mounted knights units on the left) and all he had were four activate right cards in his hand with me ahead in VPs 
Game 3 turn 1 - Will goes for Necro-Bones list with the cool Zombie Dragon back up I have to hold a hill with some Rune Golems to gain an extra VP a turn so went for two of those with a Siege golem and a variety of infantry units 
Game 3 turn 2 - the early exchanges leave me confident that I may be able to boss Will's home objective with my Siege Golem
Game 3 turn 3 - Will began to pound my left flank to get to his 2 VP objective
Game 3 turn 4 - Gods Damned Zombie Dragons! My left flank collapses giving me a real concern as my early lead is quickly gobbled up by Will's army as he hold both objectives
Game 3 turn 5 - I gave a good try but I just couldn't shift Will's units, I managed to stun his entire centre and right with a great lore card but I had misplayed my Siege Golem on the right when in hindsight the left would have been far better (it is pretty boss at killing tightly packed units)
the addition of the extra units to each army take the game to a new level of fun as you can completely adapt your armies play style to the missions or just go for a crazy fun theme for a laugh. I am looking forward to a custom mission with Fog ofWar deployment when we shuffle all the unit and decoy cards together then randomly deploy them in our respective zones!

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