Sunday, 7 February 2016

Finishing Ogres!

I have finally finished painting half of my Ogre army so prepare for the image dump!

I always find it odd to have finished painting models as they very rarely turn out as I had pictured in my head. Whether this is to do with a terrible level of planning brought on by a lack of experience or just a good sense of adjusting the aesthetic to produce a better outcome as I go I'm not sure. Still, I really like how they have turned out once I added the verdigris and varnished them. 
Say what you like about GW's games and their current decline but they make some great paints! Their Blood for the Blood God is so great when combined with the Army Painter Matte Varnish.

I cut some unit trays and have glued my guys down so that they are quicker to move and store. Just some edging to tidy but the models are all done!

I considered putting these cats on one giant base but there is a good chance I may have to split them in future armies so two smaller units that I can move as one seems fine.

It only takes a little blood to liven up the models. The verdigris really breaks up the metal without having to spend ages painting.

I'm really happy with this fella, it is just a shame I am going to have to get some more guys to make a unit of chariots rather than use him as a hero.

The Goblin could probably do with some more attention but this guy may have to be dropped at some point and it helped me make a decision about my actual Goblin unit so was worth taking a risk on experimenting with the way it was painted.

It seems really weird but my favourite Ogre miniature is the Warlock but not because of the Ogre himself but the Vulture!
It is really good to have got this finished so that I can now hopefully knock out the last three units to play a 2,00pt painted army and then get with painting my Guild Ball team before finishing off the other units/start my Lizard army!

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