Saturday, 6 February 2016

Visiting Paradice games cafe!

Given that it has now been open a month it seemed time to pay a visit to Charlie's new investment in Bromley!

We played a game or two of Xenoshyft at Lee's with the usual results!
Sadly we had failed once again to draw the Stormtrooper so we would have to survive without our ability to ping those pesky aliens for 2 damage at key moments.

We used the Kickstarter exclusive model as a round marker

This was not Lee's finest hour at defending the base!

This was my best effort, lane clear with two left, sadly next turn Ren & Stimpy bought took it too the face, rump and ego all in one go!
 Having spectacularly failed to take photos of the store we sat down to play Sons of Anarchy!
Just a quick recap of the rules and we were off. I had been lulled in to a false sense of security having played only co-op games so far and I was dully disabused of the notion that Lee wouldn't take any and all opportunity to screw me over and that Will is indeed the puppet master! it Ended 21 Me, 26 Lee, 34 Will. I had forgotten how quick it ca be once you are into the rules.
After that we played Tides of Infamy a Kickstarter Will backed mainly for the art prints and got a game in the bonus. It turns out it is a great sea based game with lots of opportunities for maritime madness and mutiny! I forgot to photograph but I have a link here. It has a really cool combat mechanic where you draw cards and play a little round of a poker/rummy type game to see who wins, it really fits the fantasy/quirky aesthetic! 

The gaming cafe is really nice and has loads of space. Given that we all seem to have to travel to play anyway it could be a great opportunity to meet up to play as their library means you wouldn't need to bring many games with you! If any one is looking to paint up a couple of models Will and I now have starter teams for Guildball so you can join in too!

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  1. Awesome to see! Would be happy to meet up there for a day's gaming, they have some good meaty games on my To Play list ;)