Friday, 20 May 2016

Building a Cityscape - a TT Combat Review

Howdy ELFers,

Having decided to branch out into the Batman Miniatures Game, the first thing to do is obviously pick up a crew.
Having already done that, the second most important thing to do is get some terrain together. (whatsat? get the rules? eh. eventually.)
Tom and I played a practice game using various bits of terrain from our various other game systems, but it really doesnt work quite as well as a spectacle when you've got Robin Bat-clawing his way on top of an imperial bastion.

So i did a bit of hunting around and found a few different online stores that make suitable modern day city terrain, one the really jumped out was TT Combat.
Their stuff looked very good, had a good selection and was considerably cheaper than most other stores. So i took the plunge and picked up a small order to test the water.

Here are some of the results!

My first order was for their two story police station, a set of pavements, a set of various accessories (including manhole covers and lamp posts, both vital for playing the game as both players set up D3 of each before crew set up) and a set of gargoyles.

The police station went together really easily, it popped from the sheets pretty nicely and there was barely any wastage, the construction was relatively simple, this particular set didnt even need any instructions.
It did require glueing at every joint though, unlike my previous foray into HDF terrain with microarts infinity buildings, those had joints that were so tight I didnt need to glue at all.

To paint them i opted for a few layers of grey spraypaint as the primary colour then a bit of painting for the details. The HDF took a couple of coats to get a decent coverage as it did soak up the paint a lot. I've already received my second order of a few more various accessories and an apartment block, i'm going to attempt to seal these with a varnish coat first, i'll see if that helps at all.

The Subway entrance was in my second wave of order, i thought it was so cool i got it assembled and painted doubletime!

The Police Station still needs a little bit of work, the lettering needs tidying and id like to paint the window frames, but other than that its pretty much there.

Better view of the 'glass' canopy over the subway entrance.

Inside the top floor of the Police Station.

And the ground floor, the stairs were not included in the original Police Station set, they also sell a set of multiple staircases for use in the various multi floor buildings. I dont really know quite how vital the stairs are going to be, as I'm currently only fielding Bat family members all armed with Batclaws, I really dont need to use such antiquated technology as 'stairs'.

All in all, the quality of the product for the price is astounding, i'll be filling out the rest of our board with this stuff for sure (I've got my eye on that hospital!)
One downer? It really stinks when its fresh out of the pack, but what HDF terrain doesnt?


  1. Looks great! I have to say, you getting involved in a Batman miniatures game is one of the most foregone conclusions I've ever come across :D

    1. Ha! Fair. I had looked at it for yonks, but always poopood it as i figured everyone would want to be batman (obvs?) and playing batman vs batman all the time would be dull. It hadnt occurred to me that not everyone has quite the same level of affection for batman as i, and that other people might actually prefer some of the villains!
      Also helps that, now the expansion book is out, there are more options in terms of good guy teams too.

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