Saturday, 14 May 2016

Games older and newer!

With the release of the new Descent app and Will's purchase of Ghost Stories we felt it was a good opportunity to test run them and play some Kings of War!

First up we trialled the new Road to Legend app for Descent:
Little hard to see but the app has all the map and activations for the monsters, random events, story and party info tracked on it.

It was surprisingly easy to set up all the bits within arms reach to allow for the spontaneous nature of using the app (it selects monsters based on your collection so you never know what you will be facing until it pops up!)

Though to be fair you do have to make sure that you input the correct data as you now alternate activations with the monster groups which is very different, better and important.

We were playing with only two heroes and we had a blast!
I am sure I will do a full analysis once the whole app is available as this is just a three quest free version at the moment (I was a little disappointed it wasn't longer!)  but I can safely say this is the future of Descent. It is slicker, more mysterious and unpredictable without any of the awkward 1 vs many issues of having an overlord. Only real problems are that you can't switch between devices for a campaign, you if the app glitches (which it did right at the end of our final quest) you can't really fix it and they don't seem to be intending to convert over all the quests from the current products meaning I have a lot of content I won't be using (yeah boohoo me I know!)
Next up Ghost Stories! This is a great and challenging Co-Op game. Seems simple but actually very deep once you get into it.
 Ghost stories was a blast as Will and I managed to beat it on the easiest level then got our faces and arses smacked whilst it stole all the money from our wallets and gave us a wedgie in the second game on normal mode! thesis on the list for the next games day.
A couple of games of Kings of War where Will tried our his Abysalls and I tried a new Ogres  force of lots of mid sized and small units.

Unfortunately for Will in both games I rolled hot on Nerve tests and he barely managed to roll average.  Meaning I won the first to conceded and the second I just scrapped a draw (he so should have won but for a very unlucky nerve roll at the end!)
All in all another great day of games! Now I have to go and buy more expansions for Descent to complete my collection before they release the next campaign!

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  1. Good stuff! Interested to see that Descent app in action, and I've been meaning to try Ghost Stories for a while :)