Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Learning new games!

Took an opportunity to play a few new games today with Rob and Nic!

First up was Random encounter. Here you are setting up five encounters then choosing another player to attack with your encounter and hopefully win. There are three special card types, Blue - auto win, Red - auto lose and Green - swap. But if you have an auto lose and your opponent has an auto win you instead win! Each player has a loot die which they must put behind one encounter and if you successfully attack or defend a loot die you steal a point from your opponent, the player who owns the most encounters at the end of the round gets 2 loot, the first to 6 wins! 
All set to bash it out! 
Nic loves those old-skool graphics!
After the first game we tried out the advanced rules where you lay out five cards and each player chooses a card, fills the gap then the next play chooses a card and so on. A bit of a drafting mechanic which really made the game work for us so that you weren't just using random cards each turn. It also helps you to plan as you get to see how many special cards came out.
Then we gave Mighty Monsters a go, where you are a competing races of monsters aiming to raid the King's treasury and get the most gold. Fun quick game which will shine at the higher player counts.
Then a Ghostbusters Campaign. Four linked scenarios where you gain experience and try to close gates and trap ghosts.
You do have to have four characters as they each have powers you will need to succeed. 
The game has really simple rules which allow you to just focus on theme and working together to avoid getting completely slimed!
We played the intro campaign with Slimer but some of the scenarios were still pretty tricky if you didn't have a plan.
Final Scenario - stop Slimer from getting to the slime pits and beefing up! Sounds easy but  the Ghosts only react when you shoot them and you have to maintain you range for the beams to work so when you team up on a Ghost they often run away from one player and you lose some of your beams!
Finally cornered the little green git and managed to get the five beams on him, but it was close as he nearly ran off the board which would have made it hard for use to catch him!

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