Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Playing Vast!

So with the summer holidays beginning to draw to a close Nic, Rob and I thought we would take advantage of a free day and play one of Nic's recent Kickstarted games Vast. A dungeon based game where each player has completely different rules and are all working towards different victory conditions. Sounds confusing? Not once you have given the double sided rules sheets a perusal a couple of times!

In the first game we played the Knight (Rob) vs Dragon  (Nic) vs Cave (Me) (Yes that's right one player can play the actual cave the other players are exploring!) . Sad;y only a couple of photos as I was so engrossed!
Each player gets a large player board and then has a completely different set of mechanics to have to deal with. Nic's Dragon has a deck of cards it uses to create powers that allow it to awaken, attack and consume treasure!
Rob's Knight just took on the Dragon and sent it running scared as he ploughed through its defence! The Knight has resources it has to apply to carry out actions so can consistently act but never all the actions it needs.
I played the Cave in both games (Rob played the Thief and Nic the Goblins in the second game) and even just changing the other players characters dramatically changes the way yours works! You really have to give it a go to appreciate how deep the game is! this will be played a lot me thinks!


  1. Ooh this is a hot game at the moment, I'm keen to try it!

  2. Well I'm looking to put together a review video with four players in a week or two if you are about?

    1. Sounds like a plan! I'd prefer weekend after next but can probably do either :)