Sunday, 4 June 2017

Contemplating formats!

A quick post to release the valve on my building excitement for the new edition of 40k. 

I have been wanting to find a way to get my Blood Angels to the table for a few years now and haven't even looked at them in a year, so was happily surprised when I cracked the lid on the box they have been living on on top of the cupboard and remembered how good the paint job was on them!

When GW released their teasers I was excited but concerned we could end up with an Age of Sigmar situation. But have been convinced to part with some cash for the rules and index for the Blood Angels on release day but have been struggling with what format to buy them in. Being a child of the 80's my first instinct was to just go for paper, especially as this format has the highest potential discounts. Unfortunately that means I would have to wait for the stores to open before I could head to Rich's on launch day, meaning far less gaming potential and sweaty queues with mouth breathers who will be complaining about the game whilst handing over their life savings!

Then I thought about epub editions as they are 10% cheaper than the paper retail price (which is the same as I would get at my FLGS) and I can use it on any e-reader. Unfortunately they aren't as easy to flick through as real books when you want to jump between pages to compare rules and or units.

This lead me to the enhanced version which is the same price as retail but has the bonus of the little buttons that tell you the rules and stats without having to flick across pages. For some reason I still feel like an unexplainable hesitance towards this option, despite the fact that it will auto update with rules changes, which is appealing given how much I think this gam will change over time.

So I suppose what I am getting at is what are other people's feelings on formats? Have we finally reach a point where the rules change so quickly we no longer feel nostalgic for the books and background, thus we don't want/need the physical copies?

Can't wait to get some games in!


  1. I did strongly consider going for the enhanced digital copies (i agree with you on the ePub format, the cheaper cost is far outweighed by the clunkiness) purely for ease of obtaining and not having as much stuff to heft about. But i ended up ordering the physical copies as theres just little niggles to using digital ones still.
    Being able to stick your fingers in a couple of pages to quickly flick back and forth if youre comparing something or looking something up. And being able to reference multiple books in front of you at the same time.

    I do think if the enhanced editions were cheaper, id have probably been tempted enough to plump for those. But as it is, ive gone with the books.

  2. My thinking was swayed by the fact I can log in to my account on any device to get a copy of it so wouldn't need to carry the books with me.