Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A quick game night review.

Hi guys just a quick one to update on the status of Games night at the local store. I failed in my documentation of last weeks games night but it was very fun and I managed to get The Resistance and Quarriors played (the store owner liked Quarriors so much he got some copies in to sell!). The Resistance was very fun and I'll do a full review after I next get it out, though I did get to play it at 5, 6, 7 & 8 players so got a decent feel for it. Quarriors was it's usual fun self even despite the most epic four player ever when nearly all the creatures had been bought form the wilds and every turn each players monsters were just slammed into oblivion.

This week saw a bit of Galaxy Trucker (I GM'ed to help the flow) and most of the players seemed to get into the spirit of it by the end so I was very happy. The next game was Muchkin which I'm growing to enjoy more as I become more familiar with the cards and care more about just messing with the other players than focusing on winning out right. Finally I played my first ever game of Pandemic which I'll also have to play again before fully reviewing but I will say that it was a lot quicker than I thought it was and is quite fun once you embrace to pure co-op nature of the players turns and focus on just beating those pesky diseases!

Oh and I picked up a copy of Hey, that's my Fish as Amanda had been eyeing it up and Nic had said how good it was on the iPad (it's only £10 but there is almost nothing in the box, it's going to win the award for most over packaged game ever!).

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