Friday, 5 July 2013

Hobby Photo Friday

Woop, its friday! Thought id share a few hobby updates and pics with ya'll.

Firstly my first utterly broken transport gunboat of awesome is finished, really chuffed with the outcome and looking forward to getting the next one done (if i ever manage to get my hands on it, thats another story entirely however! Seems GW have really dropped the ball on supply vs demand for the new hottness)

Secondly i thought id share a cool pic with yous from a fellow Il-Kaithe Eldar players project log on warseer, in a similar vein to my plastic swooping hawks project (which is nearing fruition! i'll share some pics soon) this guy built his own plastic warp spiders. I do think the packs look a little over bulky for my taste, and i think the deathspinners are a little too long, but thats nit picking on a very nice little conversion.
(Genuine prize to anyone who can identify all the bits!)

The guy on the right is a regular spider, the left one is an exarch with spinneret rifle.

As just mentioned my Hawks are coming along, im now up to 11 guys, 10 regulars and the exarch, so i can mix & match how to run the squad, theyre looking darn tootin so far, but only half of them are half painted so far.

Brennas out at year 11 prom tonight so im gonna kick back with a beer and some junk food dinner, get a nice long zune playlist going and get a few serious hours of hobby done, the swooping hawks and an Emperors Children Tactical support squad with 9 flamers is beckoning!


  1. You're a braver man than I as I can't drink and paint any more after 'the incident' (I don't talk about it). Loving the look of the Serpent, can't wait to see the full army. I'll be putting up a report of my games today With Will but they've changed my painting schedule for my Nurgle army as I now need to change it up.

  2. Haha, i wont ask, i can well imagine.
    I've gone and made the mistake of having too many things on the go at once again. As of this weekend my hobby table has a contemptor that ive just built and need to paint, 5 marines with rocket launchers and an apothecary half painted, 5 wraithguard half painted, 5 swooping hawks half painted that dont look very good (cant get them right, gonna have to start again i think), 5 swooping hawks un painted, a half built land raider and a half built stompa.
    Need to hide some and focus more.