Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Neat Idea!

Hi guys, i was recently reading through someones project log and they mentioned they ahd made up some cards for warlord traits to help them remember, this struck me as a fantastic idea and figured someone out there must have had the same thought, after a little digging i found this:


Top stuff!

They do require a little bit of work to finish off, but ive got the tools to do so, so as im doing a batch of eldar ones and dark eldar combat drugs for myself, does anyone else have any requests for warlord trait sets?

I'll add the rules text, print em off and sleeve em up, let me know in the comments.


  1. I'd love a set for the standard rule book ones but would be happy with just the files as I can print them on to card to make them thicker (also hapy to do this for others). It's beginning to look like you need a carry cases worth of tokens and cards to play 40k now!

    1. ive printed off a few batches of the rulebook ones, i've done 2 sets of chaos daemon ones (for you and will) a set of chaos marine ones for tom, tau ones for nic, dark angel ones for will and the eldar ones for me. i was going to sleeve them up with magic card backs and dole em out as and when i see peeps. If you want the picture files yourself though i can email them over.

    2. Thanks for sorting out the sets, they'll be great. I'm happy to receive the files just incase I need to make any replacements in the future. I may also be able to adapt the images/be inspired to create my own layouts.