Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Going dice deep!

A quick hobby update to show you my afternoons entertainment (yes, that's 60 packs!)

UPDATE! Half way through and no super Rare!

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UPDATE 2! That's all the packs opened now to count up the number of each type of card!

The final count:
Super Rare - 1 (they aren't kidding with that name)
Rare - 10
Uncommon  - 34
Common - 75
Mis-packs - 1 (got a Venom die with a Punisher card, easy to mistake them)

Overall I'd say I'm pretty happy to stop at that point. I've got at least three of every die not in the starter set, though there is an odd rarity to the starter set dice in the expansion packs as there is only one extra version of each one meaning that it's actually slightly difficult to expand your dice pool for them without just buying two starter sets and be done with it. Another thing I like about it over the collect ability of sets like magic is that the disc aren't rare, it's the cards. So if you want a particular character you can get hold of them if you share a box with a friend. 

All I need to do now is unsleeve Magic cards to protect my new Marvel cards, where did I put those fat packs...


  1. You mentalist! are you cracking them all today? (pases a rainy afternoon i guess)

    if you dont get a foil charizard id send them all back! clearly itd be a faulty box!

    1. All cracked and organised. I thought I'd feel some hollow sense of shame but I don't just lots of excitement to put together some themed teams!

  2. Have you tried Marvel Legendary? Really good, easy to learn/play and super addictive.

    1. It is on my 'to get' list. I've heard lots of good things about it!

  3. Next time we are in the same place I shall bring my copy to get you hooked :)