Thursday, 1 May 2014

Richs Thursday Ramble : Bleugh

Howdy Elfers,

Havent had much hobby time since the Easter break hence me not having much to post about. I havent actually got anything much to post about today (unless you wanted my thoughts on this weeks new Netrunner big box expansion...yeah, maybe not)

But i did spot this the other day and wanted to share with ya'll


  1. Nice mod, though I do feel we shouldn't have to put that much effort into altering something we have just paid more than enough for.

    I'm not a fan of the original kit (as if you can't tell from the previous sentence), it just doesn't seem to fit the Guard know the same one they have had since the 80's and got a tiny update with the Cadian kits in the early-to-mid 2000's.

    The chimera and russ chasis have been the basis of that army for years, I wouldn't have strayed quite so far personally. There have been plenty of cool conversions over the years people have knocked up.
    Have I missed the point of this design?

    I do however really want to get one to turn it into an ice cream van. Thinking bright pink and white colour scheme, huge ice cream on the roof and dude hanging out the side hatch handing out Cornettos. When I brought this up at the club one of the guys suggested a 'Thomas the tank engine' style make over....I sence a competition coming on :)

    1. Excellent!
      I think the main issue i have with the taurox (beyond the stupid tracks) is all the 'scion icons' gumph crap they plaster all over the prime. The standard taurox doesnt look too bad.
      Im sorely tempted to get one at some point just to see whats possible in terms of making it look good with minimal effort.
      (although given your suggestion of a taurox conversion ideas, i can see a taurox theme parade coming on next year for the anglo-welsh get together!)