Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Catching up on an old project.

Just a quick update on what's on the painting table. Having cleaned away those damn Daemons and Guard I had a choice of either getting my Nids going again or finishing my Blood Angel Captain in preparation for the (hopefully) upcoming codex. I plumbed for the Captain as being only one model I figured it would be nice to have a fully painted army for when the book comes out (and the new Nid models are tempting me so I need to avoid going down that route until I've get Christmas presents sorted!). 

Not finished by a long shot but I have been using my trusty old 'Eavy Metal masterclass painting guide to help me identify how to paint the wings (yes Will I know I could just get it done using white, blue wash and white but it's a centre piece model!).
I was surprised at how much the lighter colours on the wings is helping to bring out some of the more subtle colours in the armour (so I haven't wasted my time after all!)

Still needs two highlight stages but it's already starting get me excited for getting him finished to play my first game with this army in two years!
The trick, according to the book, is to essentially use the paints as washes and build up multiple layers with the same colour.

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