Saturday, 1 November 2014

Word Bearers first outing

I decided that before I went back to work I would visit my local gaming store. I discovered That they are starting a 30k campaign. Each player using a 1500pts list. I had to have a taster game and break the Word bearers in!
My opponent was Alpha legion. The army comprised: primarch with 10 vets and rhino (sniper/ preferred enemy/ outflank), 10 Head hunter kill team with Exdos(preferred enemy/nasty bastard), 10 marines in rhino, 5 Lernean terminators.
Word Bearers list: Logar, 5 Terminators, 10 dark brethren, 10 Ashen Circle, Mortis Contemptor with two kheres Assault cannon.

Turn 1 saw the Alpha do nothing little with just terminators moving down centre and head hunters hiding just far enough away from dark brethren to sniper one dead (Exdos)
In return the Contemptor whirled death in a hail of bullets to two terminators in the centre as my terminator added a third death to there number. The Ashen circle and Dark Brethren pushed forward.

Turn 2 Primarch and vets  came on just on table edge(my back corner) to snipe dark brethren with preferred enemy, 4+ to wound and 6's rending wounding Logar twice!
Marines  fired fury of legion at rapid fire range on Dark brethren causing 2 more to die and head hunters picking of another 2. His terminators just made a charge on my Contemptor who just shrugged it off.
The Ashen circle helped the Contemptor by ripping apart the remaining terminators. The brethren failed a charge on marines through cover. My terminators headed towards their vets on flank picking 1 off.

Turn 3 The Alpha marines were exhausted and the head hunters picked of another brethren. Vets took out a terminator. If only I could just them all in charge range!!!
Ashen circle had the taste of blood and jumped 5 men within flame range of Alpha marines(marine on toast sir) the dark brethren took it in their stride to polish off the remain few. Contemptor and terminator kept closing in on vets unleashing bolt rounds, killing 2 more.

Turn 4 Head hunters charged Ashen killing two with pistol shots and another 2 with impact hits ouch!( rolled 1 flame over watch attack each causing no wounds)  . I basically was down to one man after combat and had killed two in return( have ap 2 daggers, these guys are bloody hards shooting and combat). Exdos had broken off and picked off last brethren with help of Primarch.
Lone Ashen flamed then charged Exdos wounding him twiceand forcing him to flee.
Contemptor really let loose killing 3 vets just befor Terminator and Logar charged in! Combat left the two primarchs  and two of my terminators.

Turn 5 The head hunters riddled the lone Ashen brother with bolt rounds leaving a bloody mess.
alpha Primarch killed the already wounded Logar and chased down the remaining terminator.
The Contemptor went out in a blasé of glory causing 2 more wounds by shooting and then charging the Primarch before being pulled apart.

What a great game. Contemptor was my man of the match!
Dark brethren  really need a delivery system of to deep strike so will get charge next turn.

Watch out for nasty alpha legion combo rule sets. Sure you will see many vets with outflank,snipe and preferred enemy.

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  1. Sounds like a fun game. I'm looking forward to hearing about how the campaign develops!