Sunday, 2 November 2014

Updating the Astra Militarum!

Just quick picture update of the models I've finally finished to update the guard army now that all the foot slogging Daemons are out of the way (it's been a good half term for hobby related projects!).

The Wyvern is all new but only the turret of the Russ has been newly painted, just thought it would look better on a vehicle for the photo
I left off the gunner and back platform mainly due t the fact that the models didn't fit the  armoured aesthetic of the rest of the army, plus it made it easier to store and reduced paint time!
These guys will be used mainly as Ratlings.
But due to the armament of the models they would make great Scion units too.
I was surprised at just how quick these were to get painted, I really like the armour on the Mantic Forge Father models.

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  1. Good choice I have also bought same conversion turret for my executioner russ!