Monday, 5 October 2015

Getting ready for a gaming pilgrimage.

I have had some great games over the last few few days and it has been a brilliant warm up for the crazy four days pf gaming to come.

First up I managed to get some games of Kings of War in over the weekend and here is the image dump:
Images from Will and Rich's game- Abyssal Dwarves vs Undead

Who knew that the Undead were capable of raining death down on stone constructs? Definitely not Will!

At this point we figured it was bum tickling time for Will

The Revenants look to take out the Dwarves holding the central objective

And so began a true slug match as they slow wore each other down.

Eventually Rich remembered that he needed to hold more objectives... advanced to take on Will's deployment zone objective.
In the end we played three games, Will and I drew (I was clinging on), Will and Rich drew (great back and forth game) and we stopped the third early as my mathematically ridiculous ability to roll Nerve checks for Rich's units left him feeling a little deflated by turn three. I think he still had a decent chance if he could start to pound my main unit with his artillery.

Then tonight I played my second game of Blood Rage:
You are a Norse clan looking to achieve a glorious death during Ragnorok!

At this point Alan had a Giant and Wolfman combo that I just really struggled to take down as only other monsters could fight when the Wolfman was present!
Super team of cheese!
I had hoped my own super mystics and leader could save the day but no such luck.
 I really like it but as usual it is going to take me some time to get a handle on the strategies I need to balance to get one over on Mr Taylor!

Below is my list of games I want to try or buy at Essen, SQUEE!
- Dark Moon
- Tailfeathers
- Ashes
- Epic
- Code names
- Mysterium
- MTG Strategy board game
- Flip em up
- Pandemic Legacy
- Penny Press
- Tales and Games collection
- Alchemists
- Star Realms Colony Wars
- Co-Mix
- Rattlebattle grab the loot
- Hostage Negotiator
- Drakon
- Sons of Anarchy
- Metal adventure
- Roll for the Galaxy
- Survive Space Attack
- Pirates of the 7 Seas
- Welcome to the Dungeon
- Attack on Titan
- Big book of madness

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