Friday, 23 October 2015

Playing more Epic the card game.

Having had a chance to properly go through the rules and play a few games last night I relaised just how different Epic is to magic. We had initially assumed you can play events like instants in your opponents turn but this turns out to be extremely wrong as there are only three points you can play the, and no one may ever play a card 'in response' to a card. This changed the dynamic quite a bit as it allowed players to act in their turn without the worry of something being killed just before they eanted to use it. You may only play a card in an opponent's turn: 
- when attackers are declared
- when blockers are declared 
- when your oppoent says they wish to end their turn

The other odd thing is that there isn't one attack phase but as many you want. You can attack with one champion then play a card and go through each one in turn if you wish. Also, if one creeature blocks all attackers are considered blocked. It takes a lot of getting used to but makes some of the other cards make a lot more sense.

Overall I'm really happy with it as a 'let's punch each other in the face with monsters' game which doesn't take itself seriously. One of my frustrations with MtG has always been the need to manage Mana so now I can cast crazy Dragons without the need to deck build. Squee!

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