Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Making a dice tray Mk 1

I had a quick play with a laser cutter as part of my experiments to come up with projects for school and thought I would have a go at making a dice tray to help people avoid rolling those cubes of doom all over the board when playing. So here is my first attempt:

It isn't very imaginative but it is damn easy to glue up!
The idea behind the sliding lid is to allow you to store your favourite dice (you know the ones that don't hate you!) so that you can use them in any game.
I have already redesigned the left side of the tray to be 40% lower to allow you to more easily see the dice but needed to leave the storage end at the current height to stop the dice bouncing out when rolled. I will have to now consider then optimum height for the storage end to allow for efficient storage of a variety of dice sizes (yes I'm a nerd!). 

The felt lining makes it really quiet too which most people wouldn't give consideration to but came as a nice surprise!

My thought was that it would be small enough to possibly have one each or just big enough for a few people to share if sat next to each other, it shall need some experimentation. 

Not bad for a first go, though the change to a sloping design will make cutting the felt a lot harder to get right, I guess I'll have to make some templates! Hopefully mk 2 will be ready tomorrow!

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