Monday, 28 December 2015

Pondering a New Year of gaming

Good afternoon! I have a few musings for you today, all themed around the new year that will soon be upon us and my ambitions for what I can get done!

First up I am aiming to be more proactive in organising gaming days as once I got back from Essen this year it seemed as though my job just swallowed my ability to do anything else. With this in mind I took inspiration from Rich's us of the E.L.F calendar to finally use the invite button to make sure everyone knew which days were proposed. This will hopefully also help others organising their get togethers if they wish but only time will tell.

Secondly I am aiming to get to both UK games expo and Essen to see if spreading out my gaming expos helps me feel better about not being able to do Essen for all four days (damn you school holiday schedule!). As stated previously, my hope is to us this as an annual meet up with our Welsh brothers from the Taff as most people have abandoned GW as a venue for fun games.

Lastly (and if I'm honest the main reason for writing the post) I aim to get my SciFi rules set off the ground this year. I have been so inspired by the Kings of War rules and the way they have taken an entire genre of gaming and opened it up to everyone, whilst allowing you to use any models you think are cool. I have sent out an updated and better formatted rules set and am really looking for two things. A) people willing to play it and iron out the creases/remould it with me, which I know is a massive ask as gaming time is precious and spending it on someone else's project can be a real turn off. B) Ideas for armies and units that aren't translations of existing companies concepts as the armies that have already been put together pretty much cover these. I'm looking for concepts for things which may just be based on a single model you have seen. were will be ally rules in the next version so even a single unit and a character can work. 

My dream is to us this as a platform to begin producing our own games be it generic SciFi rules or a card game idea we might have. My first Idea for a company name was The E.L.F game workshop but I'm sure others can think of better.

I Hope everyone is enjoying that no-mans land that is the gap between Christmas and New Years! See you soon.

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  1. Gonna give the sci fi rules a good look, happy to help play test them, also have drop zone ready to play