Sunday, 3 January 2016

Getting to know Armada and Ashes!

A quick image dump of some games Rich and I looked at. It was really good to finally play Armada at it's full potential and get Ashes out as it has been winking at me since Essen!

Once we get used to the rules hopefully we can get a game done in under 2hrs as learning games always take that extra bit of time.
Rich's lovely 6'x3' mat really helped to get a quick feel for how much you can spread your fleet if needed.
What Grand Moff Tarkin saw turn two!
The view from the command reckon the other Star destroyer
We were fighting a mission including objective tokens which  meant that I could focus on picking up points without having to plough straight into the Rebels, who are deadly if they can get their broadsides into action.
I only had two ships (yeah they are Star Destroyers but there are only two!) which meant I had a lot of points to spend on Ties and bounty hunters! I had a job avoiding my usual trick of continually flying into my squadrons.

By the end the Star Destroyers managed to take a victor through a little luck and being able to keep their powerful front batteries on target as much as possible.
 Armada is lots of fun but you really need to do two things. Firstly, buy a lot of ships to give you the options you need to make a fleet that works as a whole. Secondly, organise your fleet in advance as it takes a while. You have been warned.
Ashes! We finally got around to playing it and we got through four games and tried out all of the Phoenixborn so we now have our favourites and those that we really would rather nit use (poor Rich got the awkward decks most of the time). I think I will have to check some FAQ'a to be sure that we had everything right but overall I really like it.

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  1. Some sweet snapshots there! Having a mat does make all the difference.
    I dont think the outcome was much influenced by luck at all, you planned well and brought your max firepower to bare in the 2 key turns whereas id started too far wide and left it too late.

    As for ashes, i did really like it, i enjoyed the bleed deck, the 2nd deck was cool but just didnt match up that well vs the rhino guy and the third deck, as discussed, was a bit poo. Be happy to rock the game again another time though.