Monday, 25 January 2016

Painting Ogres!

Just a quick image dump to show how my progress with my Ogres is coming. 

It is a bit odd, but the desire to start another army is helping me drive forward my painting of this army. I am really loving playing Kings of War at the moment and not just for the rules but allowing me to play with any models means I keep looking at all those cool fantasy models that I never had a reason to buy and paint!
the before and after of using the army painter string shade ink (so no need to was a brush in white spirit after)
I still need to get a new paint for the base, some dandy colour with maybe a reddish tinge. Any suggestions?

I am so pleased with how this model has turned out so far. Add in some weathering on the metal and some blood splatter after varnishing and I'm done.

It is such a shame that at the moment this unit looks so much better than it is on the table, maybe I could use it  as part od a chariot unit instead.

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