Sunday, 10 January 2016

Playing KoW, Ashes and Xenoshyft!

A quick picture dump of the games played yesterday including visual examples of my tactical blunders!

Having started the game with my Heavy cross bow armed Ogres taking out one of Will's 10 man  elite  Abyssal Dwarves unit in one go I was feeling confident. The mission gave you points for getting your models into the opponents deployment zone so I thought great, fits my aims.

This is what I was rushing towards, those golems on the left are absolutely deadly if they can get the charge in so they were targeted asap.

The Warlock could see one of ill's two gargoyle units, super fast and fragile. They were lightning bolted and I just needed tan average roll of 7 to waver them or a generous 9+ to wipe them off the board. Sadly I wife the roll and that would come back to bite me on my Ogrey arse!

I made the colossal cock up of putting by best unit down later and then realise that there was no room for them to manoeuvre through their own huts. Add to this the fact that Will's army had lots of small, disposable units which he could deploy first I had the other Gargoyles and maniacal Centaur Dwarves flying down the flank. This eventually lead to my unit getting pinned in place by a shot from one of Will's outrageously accurate mortars (failed only two 5+ shots the entire game) and that was all she wrote for those poor Ogres.

I managed to get a dual charge from the mammoth and Small Ogre unit armed with double-handed weapons on the large unit of Golems and they went down in  one go. Will was particularly sad to se that the Mammoth had +4 to it's damage rolls due to Crushing strength 2 and thunderous charge 2 on 12 attacks. this should have lead to me eating my way through his army but I had forgotten that the massive Golem can be surged in so eventually my army was chewed to death. Will had some great Nreve rolls against my units and some sweet multi-charges. One nice moment was introducing Will to my Special character as he minced two units, if only I had been more bold with him things may have gone differently.

Next I introduced Will to Ashes. It was nice to be able to play lithesome of the decks that Rich used last week and see how the game feels from each angle. I definitely like the red head best of the pre constructed decks as she has a nice mix of small fast creatures with some control. Will seemed to enjoy the filthy tricks of the milling deck, I am still trying to find an answer to this but I will get there.
Sadly I forgot to document our abject failure to protect our two mining bases in our games of Xenoshyft. I love the way this game sucks you in and makes you think you have it then slams your face into the floor and rubs your nose into the bug filth whilst laughing at you! I am looking forward to the Kickstarter for the next version of it that launches on Tuesday!

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  1. i think the bleed deck was my favourite too, would like to play a couple of the other ones though.
    The mill deck does seem slightly out of place as its method of attack is so different and there isnt anything along the lines of sideboarding to shore up against it.