Saturday, 18 May 2013

making sticky sticks!

Well, sticky paint sticks but that didn't have the same ring to it!

This is the stickiest stick I've ever seen, four sides of carpet tape!

Just a quick post to point out how much I am enjoying putting together my Nurgle army and  how much easier it is to use a stick when priming models.
So I first saw this on GW's blog and since then I've been using it to undercoat my models as it is so much easier once you have a system.

I call this the plague stick!
 So for any one that couldn't work it out, you take a length of timber and put strips of double sided tape on it so that you can temporarily stick your models to it whilst you spray them. it may not seem like a hard thing to work out but it does make it so much easier.
There is around 30 models on that stick!
A couple of observations based my experiences:
- First up you need to leave about an inch between models to allow you to get a decent angle on the sides of the models when spraying.

- Try to get a double ended stick (yeah, sounds really dumb) but if you get a slightly longer stick then you can just switch ends to get the best angle for the other side of the model. Otherwise you'll just end up spraying your arm as you try to cover the whole model.

- Invest in some carpet tape! this is really important as your standard tape just won't hold your models long enough as you twirl them around to spray the whole model.

other than that it's pretty simple, just remember to let the models dry to the touch before you take them off and store the stick out side for an hour to avoid filling your house with that undesirable aerosol smell.

As a quick aside I managed to put together this lamp table this week and I enjoyed it so much I just had to share.
It will go in between to the sofas, that's why it looks so long and odd.

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